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Gear Just For You is taking the promotional video for the SheFit bra and using it to get people to buy a cheaply made knock off. I received the bra and it is an OBVIOUS piece of crap.

The first time I emailed them about a refund (which they claim on their website is easy), they told me that the video (which I never mentioned in my initial contact with them) was an "inspirational video"...and that I should've clearly seen that the product I was buying wasn't the same as what was in the video. *** This is an intentional scam! And then I look on their website and notice that on their terms of service page, they basically claim that they can have any kind of incorrect information on their website, and they aren't responsible for it. I'm so pissed!

Also, they are somehow based in California but shipping it back to them would be "costly" to me because I have to ship it back to China! (And then Gear Just For You says they would still collect a fee of 15% to restock my product.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bra.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You can still dispute the charges! You ordered and paid for one product; they sent you another.

You never received the product you ordered this constituting fraud. Dispute the charges!